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Today’s healthcare consumer has choices than those a decade ago. A couple of years ago patients simply asked their primary care providers for better referrals. However, today’s highly health literatepatients also consider providing online reviews for physicians and go about shopping for the best care and patient experience. This has certainly increased the pressure on the provider side, and it is even more essential to device innovative strategies to acquire and more so to retain existing patient flow to sustain a decent revenue. This section aims at providing valuable insights and guidelines to primary care providers and hospital administrators on innovating their growth strategies to drive patient acquisition and retention. With consumers ready to switch care providers wise investment in patient retention to gain ROI has become equally compelling. The tools and techniques, RPM strategies such as Telemedicine to achieve such patient acquisition and retention goals is exactly what this section addresses.
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10 Marketing Ideas if You Are Launching Telemedicine at Your Practice

10 Marketing Ideas if You Are Launching Telemedicine at Your Practice

In the current situation, putting off routine or non-emergent care is the most responsible and safest option, but it is also financially challenging for medical practices. It also may mean that