Innovative Patient Experiences: Four Pillars

Innovative Patient Experiences: Four Pillars

Posted Feb 3, 2021 from

Before COVID-19 or BC, research was already starting to show that investing in customer experience (CX) had the potential to double revenue within 36 months. Yet BC, many organizations, underestimated or undervalued it. Some outright ignored it.

After disruption or AD, many organizations started cutting costs, pushing CX further behind in exchange for stabilization and business continuity. This, however, is exactly the wrong move. History has shown that in times of disruption, innovation becomes a catalyst for pushing markets forward.

Make no mistake, CX is the next competitive battleground for businesses to win over customers. The same is true for patient experiences (PX). Innovation in PX will not only help set you apart but also you’ll push the industry forward by delivering new value and setting new standards for experience along the way.

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