COVID-19 Communications: Meeting Patients Where They Are

COVID-19 Communications: Meeting Patients Where They Are

Posted Feb 19, 2021 from

The pace of vaccine production and distribution by the U.S. government has been accelerated, making more doses available to more people sooner. In many states, the prioritized rollout has transitioned from healthcare workers and long-term facility residents to vaccinating adults 70 years of age and up.

Healthcare organizations and government authorities have made efforts to refine and speed up the distribution process while addressing numerous logistical issues to get more vaccines in arms.

However, significant challenges rolling out the vaccines that range from distribution to administering the COVID-19 shot to individual patients still face healthcare organizations. Certainly, one of these is overcoming the myriad logistical issues of receiving, properly storing, managing, and administering first and second doses quickly without major hiccups. Providers must factor in these complexities and create tangible plans that consider the many moving parts and potential pitfalls of dispensing the vaccine.

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