How Physicians Can Humanize Virtual Care

How Physicians Can Humanize Virtual Care

Posted Dec 26, 2020 from

With modern technology, not even the most welcoming office can humanize health care the way a virtual house call can. For years, we’ve assumed that physicians and patients must sit together in the same exam room to develop personal, trust-filled relationships. But COVID-19 has proven that communication technology can create enormously personal connections.

It’s easy to see why patients are eagerly embracing virtual relationships with their physicians as well. Eighty-three percent of Americans say they expect to make telehealth visits after COVID-19 has ended. This number is huge when you consider the fact that just eight percent of patients had ever had a telehealth visit before the pandemic hit. Many organizations put telehealth in place so quickly that they are struggling to live up to patient expectations when it comes to virtual communication. 

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