How to Market Patient Education to Support Patient Experience

How to Market Patient Education to Support Patient Experience

Posted Mar 30, 2021 from

A healthcare organization needs to develop a relationship with that customer—or patient or family—and true to the digital boom in medicine, most patients want that relationship to be fueled by technology.

The marketing team was also in charge of building out the actual patient messaging, which Hanson said was a challenging task. These are marketing campaign messages, not one-to-one patient communications with their providers. These emails can’t diagnose or even provide specific clinical directives.

That relationship-building is important for creating patient trust and ultimately patient loyalty, which in the long run will have a positive financial impact for the hospital.

But in the short-term case of this marketing campaign, it meant more readers trusted the emails waiting in their inboxes. And because those readers were new parents who actively sought out patient education, Hanson said they were eager to open.

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