Get More Recalls With Patient Text Messaging

Get More Recalls With Patient Text Messaging

Posted Sep 14, 2021 from

Text messaging patients is a great way to increase recalls and keep them healthy. Texting campaigns have increased patient services revenue and improved care compliance. Simple text message templates, scheduled in advance, will make it easy for your staff. Scheduling recalls with your existing patients is one of the best ways to keep them healthy, improve goodwill, and maintain good cash flow.

Recalls are not for every specialty. They work best for specialties that do a lot of preventative care and routine checkups. When they do apply, they often contribute to quality and Pay-for-Performance measures. Recalls can substantially increase earnings. Exhaust your recall opportunities before devoting a lot of time to other marketing channels. The best way to get recalls is for the primary caregiver to request them in person. Physicians do this when they ask their patient to schedule a follow-up in two weeks. Compliance increases in person.

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