Patient Engagement: Access Is the Future of Healthcare

Patient Engagement: Access Is the Future of Healthcare

Posted Mar 17, 2021 from

For practices and health systems, enabling patients to more actively participate in their medical journeys and care plans is an essential initiative, and it’s an area where we’ll continue to see opportunities for growth and innovation.

The “patient experience” was limited to someone’s person-to-person interactions with the staff and practitioner. Patient portals were supposed to solve many of these issues, but adoption has fallen woefully short.

We consider the modern approach to be patient-centric versus the old method of sitting them in a chair with a stack of paperwork for half an hour. The truth is, putting the patient experience in the spotlight serves to remind us that practices can be more efficient, productive, and profitable by enabling patient access. Flipping the previous model to support patient access still checks off all the right boxes across the board for patients, providers, and staff.

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