SDOH-Informed Primary Care Improves Patient Experience Scores

SDOH-Informed Primary Care Improves Patient Experience Scores

Posted Apr 26, 2021 from

Primary care clinics catering to the needs of populations experiencing homelessness result in better overall patient experiences, according to a new survey of veterans experiencing homelessness.

In more mainstream settings, the researchers explained that the increased need from housing insecure patients can lead to stressful work environments and potential clashes between patients, staff, or providers.

In streamlined clinics, there are more resources, as well as intrinsic staff motivation to treat individuals experiencing homelessness specifically, that can alleviate stress.

Every healthcare organization should have the ability to yield a good patient experience for individuals experiencing homelessness, Kertesz suggested. Current fee-for-service models don’t always incentivize that, he noted. Additionally, there still isn’t enough evidence about the specific factors in homelessness-specific clinics that could transfer to mainstream clinic success.

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