Envisioning a Data-Driven, Consumerized Patient Experience

Envisioning a Data-Driven, Consumerized Patient Experience

Posted Apr 9, 2021 from

An activated patient might keep track of her diet, something that could be immensely useful for a clinician who is tracking her for pre-diabetes. But the health IT ecosystem is missing that key interoperability piece, the one that would let a patient beam her nutrition log from her smartphone directly into the EHR.

The clinician needs that EHR data, that patient-generated health data (PGHD), and the systems that allow clinicians to make use of it to fuel meaningful patient engagement and experience. Healthcare needs an ecosystem that provides that Amazon-like journey for patient health, but according to Zant, it’s not there yet.

Amazon and other consumer-facing companies are great at that. They have a very clear and obvious value proposition that makes the consumer know they will get something in return for the information the consumer shares.

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