Post Pandemic: How Will the Healthcare Economy Respond?

Post Pandemic: How Will the Healthcare Economy Respond?

Posted Apr 9, 2021 from

Even as it appears the combination of distancing, treatment and vaccines is helping to return society at large to a more normal footing, questions associated with quality, cost, and access to care continue to vex the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Following the pandemic, many health systems, government payers, and health plans will resume focused investment in value-based care, including risk-based contracts, to create incentive structures for overall cost reduction and quality improvement.

For providers to succeed in this new reimbursement model, a flexible data-driven foundation is required to understand dynamics inside of a patient population and intervene in targeted, high-impact programs.

Flexible technology allows health system to differentiate between high and low-risk patient populations.

Identifying populations in need and focusing on factors that improve retention and behavior change will lead to better performance in helping populations manage disease and reduce overall utilization.

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