Transform the Member Experience With Omnichannel Analytics

Transform the Member Experience With Omnichannel Analytics

Posted May 31, 2021 from

Increased expectations and a new era of consumer empowerment are forcing businesses across industries to reexamine the customer perspective and develop new strategies for creating frictionless experiences.

To optimize an analytics program and truly transform the member experience, insurers must first gain a comprehensive view of member feedback from across the various feedback channels.

By leveraging advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engines, insurers can navigate the complexities of human language and uncover the context behind member feedback beyond the specific words members use. An effective analytics solution will also be customized to the healthcare space, so drug names, procedures, coverage types, and other industry terms are captured accurately.

Effective customer experience management will enable data-driven decision-making and fuel continuous business improvement. Additionally, providers can then use their platforms to evaluate the impact of changes to programs or policies.

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