Patient Portal as a Provider-Patient Communication Hub

Patient Portal as a Provider-Patient Communication Hub

Posted May 31, 2021 from

Patient centricity, a widely accepted concept, offers a range of benefits for patients. However, patient portal development has a lot to offer to doctors, too. We’ll consider its pros for clinicians below.

One of the key functions of patient portals is providing secure means of communication. However, this feature is often ignored—the communication is limited to automatic notifications about upcoming appointments or the availability of lab results. What’s more, patients don’t always know about all of the available portal features because doctors don’t even mention the tool to them.

Patient portals are important not only to patients but also to clinicians. Portals make a secure communication channel that clinicians can use to develop productive partnerships with their patients. Patients can assist doctors with some important tasks, such as health data quality maintenance. They can also help clinicians with developing personalized treatment plans that improve patient outcomes and experience.

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