Delivering Healthcare in the “Amazon Prime” Age

Delivering Healthcare in the “Amazon Prime” Age

Posted Apr 16, 2021 from

Learning how to leverage and analyze data better could hold the key to unlocking greater value for consumers in terms of improved outcomes and engagement, but also in terms of operational efficiencies.

Coordinated virtual care consists of much more than just conducting a doctor’s appointment online. It begins pre-visit with smart scheduling and appointment reminders. The patient and clinician receive all the necessary information prior to the visit, which could include labs reports or vitals screening that needs to be performed in advance.

It is clear that the consumerization trend is not going away, driven by societal and technological changes which have shifted consumer expectations around service and value. How healthcare organizations address the need for a patient-centric care experience now will ultimately determine their future success.

Digital technologies play an important role in supporting healthcare transformation, improving patient engagement, outcomes, and operational efficiencies.

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