Catching Up on Care Post Covid-19 Requires ‘Digital Compassion’

Catching Up on Care Post Covid-19 Requires ‘Digital Compassion’

Posted Jan 5, 2021 from

In addition to human empathy, we are also seeing a new “digital compassion” emerging as healthcare providers work to support patients in need during this uncertain time. Showing this kind of compassion has become easier as technology becomes more advanced and patient-centric in response to the pandemic; this includes approaches like flexible payment plan options and temporarily extended billing cycles, which can help patients out of work or need to prioritize other living expenses. For example, extending billing cycles from 120 to 150 days can make a big difference for some individuals, resulting in fewer accounts sent to collections – and a better patient experience, overall.

Our recent consumer survey found that digital experiences are even more important now. Easy-to-use and flexible digital solutions can help patients cope with any financial burden they may face when returning to their healthcare routines while also minimizing potential exposure to Covid-19. 

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