Medigy: Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a remote healthcare care service that involves the use of telecommunications technology to provide healthcare services to patients outside the traditional healthcare settings. The telemedicine technology is a means of providing healthcare services to patients who live in remote areas and have limited healthcare providers. Telemed services provide to patients via different sources, including video-conferencing, text messaging, smartphones, tablets, and computers. A telemedicine consultation requires mainly two essential things: a web camera and a secure patient portal. The web camera is necessary for virtual visits via video-conferencing, while the patient portal connects a healthcare provider to a secure patient database (EMR) via the internet.

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AxS Health App

AxS Health App is a platform connecting patients and providers. It offers telemedicine, and patient communication, enabling practices to improve access and deliver care simply. Using AxS, you can enjoy uncommon simplicity in the provider-patient relationship, from digital patient on boarding to telemedicine to mobile messaging.

Access Physicians

It is the largest physician-founded, peer-referenced medical group providing inpatient telemedicine in the U.S. The founders, two cardiologists, and a pulmonary & critical care physician were frustrated by the limited access to timely, quality care. They handpicked leading board-certified and board-eligible clinicians and put them through a proprietary training to scale delivery of their elite care through telemedicine.

BioSigns Cloud Portal

Medical professionals are not IT experts and the last thing they want when they are caring for patients is to worry about a technological problem or internet service outage. Our system is designed to be foolproof, so clinicians never have to think about it. The BioSigns server can be located in a hosted data center or within the hospital network.

BioSigns Live View Panel

Our screen saves time by letting healthcare providers check the information they need at a glance. The customizable Live View Panel interface provides color-coding and placement of vital sign information (Heart Rate, SpO2, ECG, EEG, PSG) based on variables such as patient location, acuity level, physician or data modality.

BioSigns Monitoring Quality Report software

In the medical field, a sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence that causes severe harm but is not part of the normal course of the disease, in other words, a catastrophic, avoidable failure in care. BioSigns Monitoring Quality Report software program is designed to reduce sentinel events in your clinical practice.

Doctor on Call

The goal is to help relieve your pain, wherever you are. USMDDirect pain clinic provides the best non-narcotic treatment options for patients suffering from Myofascial pain, Headache, Muscle pain, and Nerve pain. If needed, the physician may refer you to service for a digital x-ray, ultrasound-guided nerve block or trigger point injection, infusion, or non-narcotic pain injection.

VitelNet- TELE ICU

Clinicians consult with individuals at home, work, vacation, or wherever they may be. Manage larger patient populations with fewer and lower licensed clinicians your physicians spend their time at the top of their license with the patients, who need them most. Meet patient needs for both primary and urgent care.

BioSigns telemonitoring app

Our telemonitoring app is as easy and intuitive to use as your email or texting app, so there is no learning curve viewing patient data that is convenient even on day one. Staff can use our apps to access near-real-time ECG and physiological data, and view alerts and push messages for their patients.

Corona Teledoc

We can offer FDA approved testing utilizing Quest to check for immunity to Covid-19 with a 24-48 hr turnaround time. Due to special circumstances in the national state of emergency, Corona TeleDoc is allowed to provide TeleHealth services across state lines. We have created this website specifically to service any patient regardless of their technical abilities or their computer/ phone equipment at home


CuraviCare™ is a HIPAA-compliant propriety video platform software specifically designed for telemedicine in nursing homes. It allows the nursing home staff to request a telemedicine consult with one touch. CuraviCare™ is designed for easy and simple operation, building on the workflows developed through broad telemedicine experience in the UPMC and RAVEN homes.


DocToDoor is focused to provide your organization with practice and a patient-centric solution. A fully branded DocToDoor app enables you to provide service par excellence. We are redefining how clinicians connect with Patients. Booking enabled for in-person, video, or phone appointments via DocToDoor.

GD CAREpoint™ Workstation

GD CAREpoint™ Workstation is used by hospital emergency departments to manage all EMS hospital communications on a single interoperable, easy to use the device. GD empowers hospitals, EMS, public safety responders, and community healthcare providers to reduce risk and cost while improving workflow and patient outcomes through documenting, recording, and analyzing patient data.

GD e-Bridge

GD e-Bridge is the most configurable mobile telemedicine app by a long shot, enabling users to tailor the interface, alerts, buttons, authorized participants, workflow, and more. This comprehensive mobile telemedicine solution helps medical teams improve patient outcomes, enhance communication, reduce risk, optimize ED performance, and even minimize costs.

GD e-Bridge Public Safety

With GD e-Bridge™ share encrypted and secure multi-media data with confidence and ease using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Plus, record and log data for quality assessment, training, and legal documentation. GD e-Bridge™ provides fast, simple, and reliable communication for police, fire, EMS, emergency management, SAR, hospitals.

LifeBot 5

Our telemedicine/telehealth products are designed for mobile connected care, for personal survival, for clinical or senior care, for comprehensive management of public safety, disaster, and combat operations. Secure data management to send and receive patient call records to the Central Database Repository for Health Information Exchange.

LifeBot 6

The LifeBot® 6 is the industry’s most advanced portable mobile fully integrated telemedicine and telehealth system available today. LifeBot® 6 has been successfully deployed at senior care facilities to avert unnecessary costly ambulance transfers to the hospital ER.

LifeBot® Clinical Workstation and Mobile Tablet

LifeBot® provides easy-to-use technology that breaks down distance barriers and facilitates access to patients and physicians specifically for critical life-saving emergencies. Rapid patient assessments may then be performed virtually and remotely at any time and in almost any place.

Relymd Community Virtual Health

RelyMD Community Virtual Health offers a purpose-built telehealth solution for creating a multi-tiered strategy for expanding convenient access to reliable, trusted care, enhancing consumer engagement, minimizing hospital readmissions, and reducing employee healthcare spends. It provides community-based, easily accessible, quality healthcare to health systems, managed care organizations, and employers.

Teso- Ambulance-Based -Telemedicine System

TeSo provides consultancy services for the implementation of Telemedicine Services in the daily practice of Healthcare such as Ambulance-Based-Telemedicine Systems and Wound Care supported by a Head Mounted Display (HMD). Features are mobile-enabled, cloud-based, GDPR compliant, real-time transmission of live capturing images from inside the ambulance, and real-time transmission of vital data such as ECG, pulse, saturation.

UPMC AnywhereCare

UPMC AnywhereCare gives you 24/7 access to health care providers online using your computer or mobile device. Patients use video to connect face to face with an online UPMC provider and receive a personal diagnosis and treatment plan if necessary, we can send prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. A free online service for communicating with your doctor’s office. The Anywhere Care medical team includes: -Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners -Physician Assistants -Doctors

Zebra Ambulance Solutions

Critical data can already be gathered & shared with the hospital staff through the Zebra Web Platform to be ready for the arrival of the patient. By bringing the medical expert virtually in the ambulance, we believe that will make the difference in outcome for patients while the ambulance staff cares for them.


AZOVA is the only fully connected digital health technology platform designed to enable all healthcare providers to deliver their services over the internet. We are the HIPAA secure middleware for communication, collaboration, and record sharing between EHRs, Pharmacy Management Systems, patients, their providers, and the entire care team.

Bac Telemed Telestroke Services

BAC Telemed is providing exceptional quality services to national and international medical providers. Our staff of medical transcriptionists maintains the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality of all client and patient information. It provides a full service and leading-edge technology to healthcare providers incorporating HIPPA secure systems of custom telemedicine, back-office support, and real-time assistance for physicians.

Bio-Nexus Medical

The Bio Nexus solution provides full remote Telemedicine capabilities. Using Bio Nexus, you can remotely control all medical devices, regardless of the device type or manufacturer, and over any communication network type. On-field crews can now better handle challenges and provide better, faster, and more efficient treatment.

CAS Teleaudiology Station

The CAS Teleaudiology Station offers remote audiology assessment. Patients are more likely to keep their appointments when the office is in their community. Our teleaudiology station links the remotely-located patient to a specialist via video conferencing.

DigiGone Occupational Telemedicine Solutions (DOTS™)

DigiGone Occupational Telemedicine Solutions (DOTS™) is support employees working in remote locations such as refineries, drilling rigs, construction sites, offshore platforms, distribution centers, pipeline terminals, power plants, mines, railroads, manufacturing facilities, airports, commercial vessels, satellite administrative offices, warehouses, etc.

Eagle Telemedicine

Regardless of whether your hospital or health system is experiencing issues with staffing gaps or specialty coverage, Eagle Telemedicine has you covered. Our deep bench of specialists helps you increase revenues by avoiding unnecessary transfers, providing specialized care, and accelerating response times for emergencies.

eNcounter® Virtual Health Software Simplified

GlobalMed can help you build a successful telemedicine practice, whether you are a small medical office or a large healthcare organization. It helps manual and automated vitals entry. Providers are enabled with data capturing tools to deliver evidence-based treatment and improve patient outcomes while lowering costs. Providers looking for their own technology to manage capacity, save money, and deliver responsible medicine, will get all they need from one platform.

GlobalMed ClinicalAccess Stations

GlobalMed ClinicalAccess Stations innovative modular design delivers a telemedicine station. With integrated video conferencing software and connected medical devices, it delivers secure and quality healthcare solutions for your clinic or hospital and simple and intuitive workflow by integrating all system hardware and software elements in an efficient solution.

Transportable Exam Station

The GlobalMed Transportable Exam Station (TES) is a mobile telemedicine platform with a military-grade tablet and impact-resistant casing to store a variety of medical devices. TES is a rugged, impact, dust, and weather-resistant rolling case that can easily travel with you into any environment.

Transportable Exam® Backpack

The GlobalMed® Transportable Exam® Backpack (TEB) is a lightweight, USB-powered design that provides a simple and organized solution, configured for in-home care or remote provider consultations with our suite of clinical devices.

VeeMed Operating System

System supports HIPAA-compliant communication among on-site staff and telephysicians while delivering critical information to administrative teams. Advanced analytical tools and benchmarks developed by VeeMed data scientists serve to identify opportunities for healthcare facilities to increase overall efficiency, quality of care, and cost savings.

VeeMed's VeeClinic

VeeClinic is a device-agnostic, enabling clinics and providers to use their computers and handheld devices to provide consults to their patients. Patients do not have to leave their homes to see providers. VeeClinic provides a user-friendly way to do consults from anywhere while enabling comprehensive clinical workflows, patient scheduling, documentation, and HIPAA compliant audio and video.

VeeMed's VeeDoc

The zero-touch web-based application allows telephysicians to connect to your facility from any desktop computer. The iOS app enables doctors to link their iPhones or iPads.Telehealth providers create HIPAA-compliant encounter notes that are easily shared. The integrated PACs viewer allows physicians to view x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.


WallDoc provides the functionality of a fully-integrated telemedicine solution. It works with GlobalMed’s software platforms, allowing the clinician to manage and engage the patient during the telemedicine visit. It is the ideal solution for a comprehensive, stationary telemedicine platform. Although WallDoc occupies a small area, the sound and video quality are not compromised. WallDoc will connect clinicians and patients as effectively as other portable telemedicine stations.

Aligned Telehealth- Turnkey Telemedicine Solutions

Aligned Telehealth provides health services for a range of long-term care facilities includes skilled nursing facilities, custodial care nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term acute care facilities. Aligned TeleHealth began providing services to incarcerated individuals via on-site and telemedicine services in direct alignment with our desire to serve and engage underserved individuals with mental health conditions.

ChARM EHR Integrated TeleHealth

ChARM EHR is an integrated healthcare solution comprising of Electronic Health Records, Clinic Management, Medical Billing, Pharmacy & Lab Management for small and medium-sized individuals, and polyclinics, which improves the quality of care for patients. ChARM offers a cloud-based OutPatient Management system for hospitals, nursing homes, and Daycare centers to effectively manage outpatient medical records that comprise Electronic Health Records, Medical Billing, Lab & Pharmacy management.


All CuraviCart™ accessories are uniquely tested for the skilled nursing environment. The cart itself is optimized for easy maneuvering in carpeted hallways using on-demand steer-assist technology includes built-in cart lights, powered cart height adjustment. It meets all ergonomic workplace requirements.

KRY app

KRY makes it possible to meet experienced doctors and legitimate psychologists via video, directly on the mobile or tablet. You get treatment in the app or at one of our health centers. Do you need a referral or take samples we will help you with that. After your visit, we will hear from you and ask how you are doing. If you need a return visit, you will meet the same person as before.

LiveHealth Online

Use LiveHealth Online whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. Using your smartphone, tablet, or computer to get expert advice, a treatment plan, and prescriptions if needed. LiveHealth Online helps to review doctor profiles and qualifications to select a doctor that fits your needs.


MDstaffers provide both permanent and temporary experienced clinicians for virtually every specialty and need to various hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. MDstaffers provides all types of physicians, advanced practitioners, medical professionals, and executives to hospitals, clinics, private practices, and government entities nationally. We also provide staffing consulting and expert medical witnesses for legal proceedings.


Meditel360 is a cloud-based video-centric telemedicine services platform that enables us to deliver fast and cost-effectively a customized turnkey telehealth solution to healthcare providers. We connect remote healthcare professionals with patients, and we manage remote vital signs monitoring and diagnostic devices in real-time. The platform is a high capacity, high availability, secure solution.


MedSymphony created to empower physicians, health institutions patients with a complete mobile health technology platform. MedSymphony’s telemedicine services are to provide health institutions and physicians with a full range of secure and easily accessible patient information. Our platform includes everything you need to establish a branded telemedicine practice.


SteadyMD is a completely new approach to primary care. Our doctors see a limited number of patients, so they can give you the time and attention you deserve. Our service is completely online, which means that you get comprehensive, personalized care from anywhere in the world, on any device.

TeleMYND Turnkey telemedicine solution

Telemynd is your behavioral health partner for quickly integrating a telemedicine solution and increasing your patient census. The secure, cloud-based platform allows for scheduling, patient data, clinical notes, e-prescribing, and billing. Telemynd combines technology and services that allow you to increase your access to patients and efficiently deliver them the care they need.

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope

The most comfortable, lightweight, elegant stethoscope fits in the palm of your hand and uses audio headphones are features of this product. It records and shares sound like never before, using your Phone or Mac or PC. Open up a world of possibilities for telemedicine, education, research, and electronic medical records (EMR).

VeeMed VeeKart

VeeKart easy to use touch screen connects your facility to a VeeMed telephysician in three easy steps Choose a specialty, Complete the intake form, and Tap Submit. VeeKart’s built-in cloud-based scheduler bypasses the need for a call center by matching your request to a VeeMed on-call telephysician. Wireless connectivity and a long-lasting lithium-ion phosphate battery boost the VeeKarts operability radius.

VeeMed VeeKast

Turn your TV HDMI-enabled or any other monitor into a virtual healthcare device that connects telehealth service providers with patients. Providing value-based personalized care to patients at every touchpoint is now a reality. Health consults and support no longer have to take place in just the doctor’s office. With VeeKast, care for patients in a variety of settings, including but not limited to outpatient facilities, Inpatient hospital rooms, etc.


BlueJayTelehealth™ is user friendly, convenient, supports desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets using a web browser, no app needed. It coordinates and collaborates care with other providers and specialists. It conducts small group sessions to educate patients, family members, and caregivers at the same time.


SCP Health has a consumer-facing telehealth solution called Care2Me, which provides resources, tools, and expertise to enable you to offer your telehealth program, keeping patients in your network. Care2me, our virtual video visits applicant, enables you to access care quickly and at a low cost from local, licensed healthcare providers who have trained in the emergency. Care2me is a convenient alternative to in-person ER or urgent care center visits.

CliniCloud- Digital Stethoscope & Thermometer

CliniCloud is an Australian startup technology company offering consumers a digital stethoscope and a thermometer device that pair with a smartphone app. The devices can be used to make acoustic recordings and take temperature readings, and they can transmit these readings and recordings to a doctor in the course of a video visit.

Eko CORE Digital Attachment

The new CORE Attachment enhances its powerful 40X amplification with Active Noise Cancellation helping to reduce background noise even in noisy clinical settings. It is compatible with most popular analog stethoscope models from 3M Littmann, ADC, WelchAllyn, MDF, and Medline with no cutting necessary. Toggle between analog listening and loud, clear sounds amplified up to 40X for unrivaled flexibility.

Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope

It is a fully-assembled stethoscope that enhances auscultation through amplification, active noise cancellation, and powerful software. It supports wireless auscultation using the Eko mobile App and headphones to help keep a safe distance from patients with infectious diseases and slim design and toggles between analog and amplified listening modes.


Medweb MedConsult is a Telemedicine application that allows physicians to take his/her practice mobile. It has the benefit of sending patient information and images to a specialist on a mobile device. MedConsult allows referring providers to create new consults with specialists from any iOS mobile device on the go. Specialists can review the images, patient illness information, and create diagnostic reports right from the app.

Medweb LIVE

Medweb LIVE integrates with electronic health records, RIS/PACS systems, and other enterprise information systems documenting data, observations, and notes collected during interactive encounters. Interactive HIPAA compliant video encounters, including diagnostic device streaming: examination scopes, ultrasound probes, stethoscopes, EKG, pulse oximeter, and pan-zoom-tilt cameras.

MyEEHealth™ mobile app

Edward-Elmhurst Health makes healthcare faster, easier, and more convenient. The MyEEHealth app provides easy access and support for patient care, from scheduling your first appointment to using MyChart to access your medical record. Key features include schedule doctor appointments and common tests, like lab services and mammograms, Find location information and view wait times for Walk-in Clinics, Immediate Care Centers and Emergency Rooms.

MyNICaS™ Hemodynamic Monitoring System

MyNICaS™ system treats cardiovascular patients in place to improve clinical outcomes and significantly reduce readmissions. This is designed for telehealth applications to provide full hemodynamic profiles including cardiac output and fluid status. The technology behind the system uses whole-body impedance cardiography and eliminates the need for invasive and expensive SWAN testing.

Trapollo Converge

Trapollo Converge is a secure, cloud-based, connected patient engagement that extends care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare. Its powerful digital engagement tools, telehealth capabilities, and monitoring functions connect our clients across the healthcare spectrum and patient populations. It simplifies planning and deploying remote care management by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology and a device-agnostic platform for the clinician, patient, and family caregiver.

Dr Cloud EHR

DrCloudEHR™ Integrated Care solution can be customized to fit any workflow. It has proven itself indispensable among primary care, behavioral health, substance use/addiction centers, residential and outpatient clinics, drug/alcohol rehab centers, relapse, addiction and recovery centers, long-term care centers, mental health therapists, and countless other health and human service organizations. It managing your patients and practice, anytime, anywhere there is internet access.

eDoc Telemedicine / EHR

The eDoc Telemedicine / EHR platform is a fully-functioning telemedicine suite with a robust healthcare cart and an integrated Electronic Health Record system. The platform supports both Patient/Care Provider and Doctor, multiple Specialists. The solution provides multiple features like security, scheduling, forms and files data entry, image view/operation/manipulation support, offline data transfer within the deployment

Medpod AMP software platform

The software platform is the latest advancements in living, cloud-based, two-way tele-video communications, and integrates live-streaming of HD audio or video, automated data throughput, professional-grade medical devices, health information exchange to EHR, third-party applications and a highly flexible user interface into one game-changing, easy-to-use, care delivery and patient management ecosystem.

Medpod MCT Telemedicine Cart

The Medpod MCT Telemedicine Cart can be called upon anytime to speed and support daily in-office logistics. From basic vitals to EKG, spirometry, ultrasound, and x-ray, the Medpod MCT Telemedicine Cart comes fully equipped to deliver primary care functions and can be easily and cost-effectively outfitted to manage advanced specialty care, as well.

Mend Telehealth

Telemedicine benefits your organization because it allows you to connect with patients virtually from anywhere. Text and email reminders, easy reschedules, patient self-scheduling, and benefits of telemedicine software are the keys to instant revenue growth and helping more patients every day. Mend telemedicine visits consistently average single-digit no-show rates, No special software downloads for patients to connect, Any device with the Internet can connect.

SAVD Telehealth

The secure SAVD video telephony is particularly suitable for interpretation talks, debriefing appointments, but also informal talks and medical histories. SAVD Telehealth improves the relationship between everyone involved. The advantage for patients and doctors is that medical advice from SAVD Telehealth is also available at a distance.

Sigmund Software TeleMed

TeleMed is the solution to the current and future needs of remotely treating patients. We are ready to help you continue to provide treatment options that extend outside your office walls. Encrypted video chat, secure messaging, and secure file sharing are the features of TeleMed. Our solutions are within Inpatient Hospitals, Adolescent Psychiatric Hospitals, Community Mental Health centers, Residential Programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs, and Outpatient Providers.

Vispera Health

Vispera Health Telemedicine services are an emerging technology that allows doctors to access patient records from anywhere in the world. We are a specialty telemedicine company created by doctors committed to providing exceptional care. Telemedicine accessed through mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. We strive to work with the local community to help facilitate visits for patients to local specialists as well as providing online healthcare services.


BlueStar® is an app for people living with diabetes. FDA-cleared Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) digital health solution for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. BlueStar® is currently available through select organizations only. It teaches you the cause and effect relationship between your lifestyle choices and their impact on your blood glucose. It provides personalized daily support when you need it most.

Double 3

Double 3 enables telecommuters, doctors, remote workers, and students to feel more connected to their colleagues by giving them a physical presence where they can’t be in person. Driving your Double means you are free to roam around the office, visit patients, attend meetings, monitor work sites, or go to class from anywhere in the world. An advanced array of six microphones helps the driver hear people from farther away and with less background noise.


Our telemedicine platform will help you build your Tele-ICU program rapidly and sustainably. Our platform provides the ability to track metrics such as average length of stay, ventilator days, response times, and patients eligible for step-down, as well as let you benchmark your performance among your peer hospitals and nationwide. The SOC team is engaged clinically within minutes of the call to evaluate the status and needs of the patient, just as any ICU would manage their patient population.

Telemed IQ

Telemed IQ is a flexible, scalable, and proven enterprise telemedicine platform. Telemed IQ is a true enterprise-wide platform that enables providers to deploy, optimize, and scale a telemedicine program rapidly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively across all care sites. Telemed IQ has built-in flexibility to give you a customized solution in any specialty.

Ultrasonography Solutions

Robotized ultrasonography provides Telemedicine high-quality health & cost-saving solution. It allows an expert center to handle an ultrasound probe located where the patient is. To propose an efficient diagnosis imaging technique in locations where access was impossible before such as rural clinics, island centers, ships, off-shore platforms, military fields, space, correctional health facilities.

Virtual Medical Staff

Virtual Medical Staff offers cost-effective, secure, HIPAA compliant telemedicine services that include: Psychiatric consultations and evaluations, Emergency department coverage, Neurological care, Primary care consultations, and Medication management. The firm’s services reach into hospitals and health systems, sub-acute care facilities, government healthcare facilities, and mental health facilities, providing access to care at a lower cost than traditional staffing options.

ViTelNet - Medical Imaging

Access original, high-resolution imagery. View the following types of radiological and visible light images anywhere with internet access: DICOM image studies, Radiological images, ECGs, Upper GI & endoscopy, and Derm and wound images. It has been designed to collaborate with Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI) to offer a commercially available, fully integrated solution that complements the capabilities of the VistA EHR and VistA Imaging for the US and international markets.

Abdominal USB Ultrasound Probe (AMD-5650)

The Abdominal USB Ultrasound Probe is a product for OB, GYN, or other internal examinations that require quick and easy access to high-quality ultrasound images, for telemedicine applications. All you need is a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with a USB port and you will be able to save, send, and print images taken with this.

All-in-One Vital Signs Monitor (AMD-8400)

The All-in-One VSM is a convenient and portable device to quickly measure and capture patient vital signs including blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and temperature. The small form factor design makes it easy to connect to a PC used in telemedicine applications.


CompuGroup Medical’s HIPAA-certified telehealth solution- CGM ELVI offers you the ability to engage with patients via the web, phone, or mobile app from anywhere in minutes. CGM ELVI uses a secure, peer-to-peer connection when connecting providers and patients. It’s the most secure way to protect patient information during a telehealth consultation.


The GALE|QKit enables health authorities to implement minimally disruptive quarantine policies by enabling effective monitoring of potentially infected individuals at home. It allows care providers to monitor a patient’s health using advanced clinical devices such as the EKO™ digital stethoscopes, pulse oximetry and infrared thermometers integrated through 19Labs cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform.


Nutrimedy is a web platform and mobile app that connects you to a registered dietitian for one-on-one nutrition counseling for a healthier happier you. This HIPAA compliant platform offers the next generation of evidence-based clinical nutrition to provide longitudinal support and guidance for over 50 conditions with information security.


Physicianvisit telemedicine platform features - HIPAA compliant telemedicine for video calls secure messaging and document sharing, remote monitoring of health-related data, and the establishing of a private, cloud-based patient-controlled Electronic Health Record (EHR) where demographic and healthcare-related information is always at your fingertips.

RVS-100 Advanced Vital Signs Monitor

The RVS-100 Advanced Vital Signs Monitor is used in telemedicine applications to quickly spot check, measure, and capture a patient’s vital signs including pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and temperature measurements. The highly flexible, modular design offers many configurations and settings to suite the needs of hospitals and clinics as well as long-term care settings.


swyMed is a specialty Telemedicine & Telehealth Solution designated as best practice by SAMHSA auditors. It provides a platform that allows staff to securely reach outlying areas in a click, enhancing productivity, reducing cost, and allows specialists to focus on practicing medicine and not traveling from clinic to clinic. swyMed helps doctors reach more patients, more productively at a lower cost.

swyMed Desktop Client

swyMed Desktop Client is a real-time video telehealth software. With swyMed’s lightweight desktop software, your Windows or Mac PC is transformed into a videoconferencing workstation. Use swyMed on the desktop to connect with remote clinics, ambulances, field workers, community paramedics and remote family members.

swyMed Mobile Client

swyMed mobile is a secure, multi-platform telehealth software. swyMed responds to the consumerization of enterprise applications by offering swyMed mobile, the secure, multi-platform telehealth software built for today’s locked down, complex network environments. Available for iOS and Android, in both phone and tablet form factors, swyMed lets patients, providers and staff connect from where they are, to where they need to be, in a click.

Synzi HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging Platform

With Synzi, your home health agency can protect itself from HIPAA violations by using our platform secure messaging functionality to secure ePHI and improve workflows in an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant environment. It provides end-to-end message encryption and operates in a HITRUST certified environment.

Trans-Vaginal USB Ultrasound Probe

Trans-Vaginal USB Ultrasound Probe meets the unique needs of telemedicine applications that require a physical examination to evaluate the possible cause of abnormal bleeding, sources of unexplained pain, and to check for possible tumors or infections. It uses sound waves inside the body and creates detailed images that a physician can then study.


We provide the skin imaging and diagnostic services you need to accurately and efficiently improve access to dermatology. We’re building the next generation of dermatological diagnostic tools. Our Vision: We are on a mission to increase dermatology access. Benefits of using 3Derm systems: High quality imaging without the hassle. Minimal or no training required to fit the needs of any imaging location. Helping you provide dermatology access from anywhere. We believe in the inclusive future of medicine.

Connect N Care

Connect N Care Connect N Care is a customizable telehealth app that allows healthcare providers to easily diagnose, treat, and prescribe from the convenience of their mobile device or PC. Patients report their symptoms through our built-in evidence-based guidelines, then request a video conference with the provider for a more in-depth consultation.


It is an easy and secure telemedicine solution. Most health providers can attest to one or more of the following issues when it comes to patient engagement and care. Telemedicine on the virtual practice addresses all of the key problem areas of accessibility, cost, and quality of care.

Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System

The Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System is a next-generation ambulatory monitor that measures and presents data in a way that helps nurses and doctors identify patients at risk regardless of geography. By calculating an early warning score and providing pictorial clues to the need to respond, it transforms monitoring to a combination of detection and advice.

The Lifecycle Health Software Platform

It is a software platform that enables change and success. Securely access referral patient data, monitor patient progress in real-time, collaborate on patient issues, and identify episode risks proactively. The patient and episode outcomes, treatment compliance, care satisfaction, patient demographic, care team, and episode risk analytics.

The Working Clinic

This is an on-site medical clinic that offers self-insured employers convenient access to board-certified physicians for clinical examinations and on-demand doctor visits, occupational medicine services, and an on-site health coach and general medical liaison. Through our collaborative approach of using telemedicine/telehealth technologies employees will receive immediate access to healthcare.

ACETIAM Connect Telemedicine

ACETIAM-Connect offer a turnkey telemedicine service to improve cooperation between healthcare facilities and medical specialists. Utilizing this telemedicine platform, doctors can create a case for a patient, and send it to a referring doctor who will review and provide a diagnosis. Once a digital case file is created for a patient, additional medical data can be gathered, added, and shared as needed.

Beecardia Telemedicine Kit

Beecardia Telemedicine Kit is a robust telemedicicine platform,that allows you to provide better healthcare to rural areas, monitor remote patients, and request or provide a second opinion via the Internet. It includes BeeW, a 12-lead ECG, Bee spiro, a portable spirometer, a digital stethoscope, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, glucometer, and tablet with the Beecardia application.


eSteth offers a full range of Digital & Non-Digital stethoscopes for improving the performance of health providers. The unique design & high-quality sounds help physicians and nurses in better diagnosis & monitoring. The ultra-sensitive, dual-head, chest piece allows for greater sound amplification of high and low frequencies, enabling a clear acoustic performance.

First Derm

First Derm gives anyone with connected device access to a dermatologist. Send in pictures of your skin problem and one of our vetted licensed dermatologists will give you their professional evaluation within 24 hours. The service is provided in six languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, and Chinese.

Five Plus Telemedicine Kit

At home, on the yacht, or in the air, Five Plus Telemedicine Kit is ideal in any environment. Five Plus combines the benefits of digiChat, five diagnostic tools specifically selected by medical professionals, and the digiMed Consult dashboard for live streaming of encrypted device data all integrated into one full-featured kit.

Gyant Technology

We work with hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks, and providers to create better patient experiences, improve workflow, and reduce costs. We create customizable, AI-enabled technology to drive more meaningful patient-doctor engagements and solve your health system’s complex care issues.

iDoc24 First Derm Affiliate Program

iDoc24 is proud to offer teledermatology software that enables healthcare providers to get a second opinion from a licensed dermatologist via a proprietary smartphone app. The First Derm Affiliate Program together with works for General Practitioners/ Family Doctors/ Healthcare Professionals as well as Dermatologists.

NuView Health

NuView Health delivers advanced medical services through a superior protocol-driven model. Its clinical support services and telemedicine platform can help you navigate beyond the current limits of healthcare delivery. NuView Health helps hospitals surpass the standard of patient care.

STD Triage

STD Triage is a specifically branded and tailored app for individuals searching to answer their sexual health-related questions. If your problem is visual, you can securely and anonymously send images directly to a board-certified dermatologist and receive a response within 24 hours.

Tyto Kit

Tyto is a handheld exam kit and app that lets you perform guided medical exams with a healthcare provider, anytime, anywhere. It provides examine the ears, lungs, heart, throat, skin, abdomen, and temperature, with a remote board-certified physician, and receives a diagnosis and prescription within minutes.

GoHealth Urgent Care

GoHealth Urgent Care Video care from home. At GoHealth Urgent Care, we go above and beyond for our patients, communities and team members to ensure effortless, personal and connected experiences. That is why we partner with the most innovative and integrated health systems and staff our centers with the most knowledgeable providers.


Pacify A Pacify membership provides unlimited, video-enabled, 24/7 access to maternal and pediatric experts. Pacify has one focus: providing an extraordinary experience for new parents. At the end of the day, we are on a mission to relieve parental anxieties and keep both parents and children healthy.

Patient Assessment Terminal

Patient Assessment Terminal Unlike other healthcare wall cabinets or computer stations, this unique telemedicine terminal is the first continually connected telemedicine wall station. Having the medical devices remain connected significantly reduces the constant training require for set up due to attrition and facilitates the acceptance of new technology among staff.

Portable TeleClinic™

Portable TeleClinic™ is a self-contained telemedicine system that has the combined functionality of a desktop telemedicine solution and a mobile cart and is designed for smaller spaces or to be transportable. The system comes complete with encounter management software and customized with medical devices for a clinical exam.


SmartVideoCall Consult a doctor any time anywhere. Allows providers to securely see patients and deliver care through our native smartphone app for patients, physician practices, providers and health systems.

The Working Clinic® Solution

The Working Clinic Solution Unique combination of high-touch and high-tech health care makes quality care readily accessible to your employees and their dependents with no start-up costs. The Working Clinic requires no special build out and fits in any 12ft X 12ft or similar space. We provide all fittings, furnishings, technology, and supplies.

Interactive Stethoscope

The Interactive Stethoscope is the first digital stethoscope of its kind that provides a remote healthcare practitioner with live stethoscope sounds and the added functionality to adjust the audio frequency range and volume from their remote site. This USB digital stethoscope is used in conjunction with AGNES Interactive telemedicine software to stream live heart/lung sounds in real-time and eliminates the need for stethoscope hardware at the receiving end. Product Features


Adracare virtual consultation features let you stay in touch with patients without a complex workflow. Making a video call is easy, with scheduling, video, patient, and session notes directly inside your browser. Our virtual care solution is more than just a video call. Share your screen, send documents and medications to your patients, and write your session notes directly in a call.


The MyTeleMed Mobile app is our free HIPAA compliant messaging app that receives complete text messages from the answering service or directly from your office via the MyTeleMed Practice Web Portal. Manage your patient and medical office communications with your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

Premium Telemedicine Cart Peripheral Devices Kit

Although telemedicine carts can be loaded up with almost any diagnostic device, there are three basic peripherals needed to handle most patient encounters on carts used in primary care settings. The devices in this kit are all connected to the cart PC via USB cable. Wireless versions of these devices are available but wireless connectivity can be problematic in many settings and can be more difficult to use.


SimpleVisit is a first-of-its-kind video visit service connecting virtual care sessions with a direct call over common video platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts. You can now access telemedicine on the platform of your choice without the hassle of downloads, logins, or technical training.

Telemedicine Cart Peripheral Devices Kit - FFO

The devices in this kit are all connected to the cart PC via USB cable. Wireless versions of these devices are available but wireless connectivity can be problematic in many settings and can be more difficult to use. We always recommend corded devices wherever possible due to greater reliability, better ease of use, and generally more economical pricing.

Telemedicine Web Services Clinic Telemedicine System

The Clinic Telemedicine Kit allows a physician to perform a thorough examination with FDA approved, HIPAA compliant video service using browser-based software, along with medical devices designed for telemedicine including an HD camera, PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscope, otoscope attachment, examination camera, and an echo canceling headset.

PCP-1 Mic Port Telemedicine Stethoscope

The PCP-1 Telemedicine Stethoscope can be selected in desktop video conference platforms as the primary microphone when conducting auscultation. Any PC, MAC, or device with a microphone jack will recognize the stethoscope microphone. Stethoscope software requires switching back and forth between the stethoscope and main video conference microphone.

PCP-SSP Telemedicine Stethoscope

PCP-SSP In-Band Telemedicine Stethoscope Software provides 5 Frequency Filters for Listening at Various Body Sites (Heart, Lungs, Carotids, etc.), mutes Room Mic Automatically, and allows for Local Listening by Nurse or Tech at Patient Site. It allows for Local Listening by Nurse or Tech at Patient Site, software installation at the patient site only, transmit to any physician over video conference connection.

PCP-USB Telemedicine Stethoscope

The PCP-USB contains all the key audio processing elements built into the stethoscope and Provides consistent quality independent of the quality of the user PC audio circuitry. PCP-USB stethoscope used with RNK’s PCP-SSP software in-band. It can also be used standalone, without software, by switching the audio source manually in the videoconference software.

Eagle TeleHospitalist

With Eagle TeleHospitalist, patients receive real-time diagnoses and treatment from experienced physicians who provide the exact same quality patient care that a hospitalist would provide in person. Eagle physicians cover everything from floor call to H&Ps to rapid response calls and codes, and document care and enter orders in the hospital EMR.


eVisit helps healthcare organizations sustainably scale their telemedicine footprint to better meet the unique needs of their market. It serves all healthcare organizations ranging from primary care, urgent care clinics, and mental health care providers to the nation’s largest hospital systems.

Specialist TeleMed

The leading multi specialty telemedicine provider for hospitals, clinics, and remote locations around the globe. Specialist TeleMed connects specialists with distant patients and caregivers using the most sophisticated computer platform and software available to allow for meaningful and complete interactions between patients and caregivers.

ExpressCare Virtual

It is convenient, face-to-face care, wherever you are. Sit down with one of our board-certified providers through secure video chat on your smartphone, tablet, or computer talk with them about your symptoms. They can also prescribe medication or lab work as needed. Express Care Virtual providers are board-certified Providence nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Express Care Virtual is available at no cost for most Providence Health Plan members.

Second Opinion Professional

Our company’s primary business is software development with an emphasis in the area of image management and communication, and our secondary focus is bringing to market cost-effective telemedicine solutions that work. Our Telehealth Dashboard product gives us patient monitoring capabilities that are useful in Home Health / remote monitoring applications, as well as Stethoscope Conferencing and remote image capture.

Telemedicine Cart

It is a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA compliant video and several workflow solutions. Doctors can perform live visitation on video calls and check for patient’s health. This flexible solution preferred by physicians. It is easy to maneuver and does not require learning a new interface. Carts include lightweight cart, small form factor PC medical-grade monitor, Remote control PTZ camera, and Optional devices.

VSee Messenger

Messenger specifically designed for the healthcare user simple, secure video, text chat, document-sharing, peripheral streaming, & more. VSee Messenger allows providers to securely video chat with patients in their homes even. It includes the ability to record locally and supports to take a snapshot and securely send it through individual or group chats.

VSee- Telemedicine Kit

VSee- Telemedicine Kit is an easiest telemedicine kit for remote consultations from VSee. This telemedicine solution is found onboard Shell oil platform. Kit includes a awindows tablet, all-in-one scope, individual scopes from firefly, digital stethoscope, ultrasound (vascular or abdominal), USB pulse oximeter and blood pressure, and EKG.

CareClix Software Platform

CareClix is a leading virtual healthcare solution company that provides software applications coupled with medical services enabling patients to receive care anytime at anyplace. CareClix suite of services is revolutionizing the way hospitals, doctors and clinical care providers can interact with an increasing number of patients.

eiConsole Interface Engine IDE

Build healthcare interfaces faster with the eiConsole for Healthcare using our exclusive self-documenting Automated Interface Assembly Line. Benefit from virtually unlimited extensibility with the only commercially supported healthcare interface engine and solution that lets you leverage open source components with open APIs, using Java or a .NET bridge. Interface Engine Software by PilotFish Showing the Graphical Assembly Line With the eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE, you build your healthcare interfaces with an Automated Interface Assembly Line process that:


Consult a doctor anytime, anywhere. Consult iCliniq top medical doctors and get answers to your pressing health concerns instantly over Query, Chat, Phone and on Video. Trust us for a best Virtual Doctor consultation experience. Send a detailed history of your medical concerns to the doctor.

Chiron Health - Telemedicine

Seamless EHR/PM Integration: All in-office appointments are scheduled in practice management systems - Now video visits can be scheduled there too. Easily schedule a video visit, and all the details sync directly to Chiron Health. Beautifully Simple for Patients: We make video visits a breeze for your patients. When you schedule the appointment, they’ll receive an automated email with a link to the visit. After confirming their information synced with your practice management system, they can join the appointment from the Chiron mobile app or right from their web browser.

PrognoCIS by Bizmatics Software

PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software provides both cloud-based and locally hosted systems to meet the needs of general practice and ambulatory specialty medical care settings. PrognoCIS Telemedicine EHR solutions designed to extend the functions and connectivity of your practice’s EHR software integrated with mobile applications. Text, email, and video work together to make patient engagement only a click away.


Docprime, a PolicyBazaar group company, is a young online medical services provider. Started with a team of young, experienced and vibrant professionals, the company has a humanitarian approach towards providing easy access to health care services. We offer our multiple services at an affordable price. We aim at making health care services easily accessible and affordable to ensure that patients do not hesitate while consulting doctors online.

Modernizing Medicine's Healthcare IT Suite

We believe quality healthcare is more achievable when your focus is on the patient, not clunky software. That why Modernizing Medicine® created intuitive solutions to free EMA® and gGastro® EHR users from the burden of excessive typing and clicking. Now you can treat your patient while allowing our technology to document the entire experience.

Dexcom CLARITY Diabetes Management Software

Dexcom CLARITY software for your compatible smartphone or computer is an important part of your diabetes management. Log in with your existing Dexcom account to identify glucose patterns and find ways to improve your management with your healthcare professional. You can connect your CLARITY data with your clinic for review anytime, even remotely. Using the Dexcom CLARITY app, enter the code you get from your clinic. Access key measurements with Dexcom CLARITY: track your numbers, view your patterns, get notifications, and set goals.

Stride Health

Stride makes it easy to tackle the big, scary things in life like health insurance and taxes. Help save time and money so you can get back to working on the stuff that really matters. Stride helps you get the most out of your health insurance, all year round. Stride partners with on-demand economy marketplaces, consumer finance platforms, and large organizations with a seamlessly integrated experience to protect independent workers and part-time employees with health coverage, health care, and compliance.

NIC's RxGov

RxGov™ is a completely re-imagined PDMP platform. RxGov consolidates disparate information representing treatment options, education, enforcement, and regulatory requirements, and prescriber patterns and volumes. Uses a unique, patient-matching system using machine learning to create links between given name, nicknames, maiden name, etc.


Heal offers house calls and telemedicine calls with licensed, caring doctors from the comfort of your own home. The service of Heal is available from 8AM to 8PM, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays in California, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Washington and Washington, D.C. Heal is currently available for iPhone (iOS 11+) and Android (5+).


SnapMD is a complete turnkey virtual medical center, deliver meaningful patient encounters online. This Virtual Care Management telemedicine platform was designed to mimic a physical clinic work-flow and provides a complete feature-set to support a virtual visit. The platform enables an easy-to-use experience for the patient encounter.


Forward combines top-rated doctors with advanced technology to deeply understand your health today and build future plans. It replaces your existing primary care doctor and includes many more preventive, convenient services. Whether you have insurance or not, you pay the same flat fee for your care and services at Forward. Traditional doctors offices charge you and your insurance for every service, resulting in surprise bills. Forwards membership includes everything we do.

WeCounsel - Telemental Health Solutions

WeCounsel was built with mental health professionals in mind. It is designed to solve the major challenges in running a private practice, starting with a solution that helps you grow a sustainable practice. Features were designed to increase client engagement and integrate patient-centered care.

Philips HeartStart Telemedicine System

HeartStart Telemedicine Server consists of the application software, database installation, Internet access, and system administration user interface. Receive critical inbound patient data ahead of arrival. Advanced, objective data via the HeartStart Telemedicine System helps you prepare for the next phase of care. The HeartStart Telemedicine System can be located in a hospital, or at the emergency dispatch center.

Brightmd- SmartExam SmartExam is a new virtual care delivery model. No other non-video telehealth solution connects patients to health records, doctors to patients, and patients to status updates throughout the entire treatment experience virtually and within minutes. Our platform automatically sends chart-ready SOAP notes to the EHR, creates billing files, and manages patient follow up communications, including prescriptions.

DHTN TeleNeurology TeleStroke program

The time required to transport a patient to a major stroke center is time that could be used to save brain function. This program includes 24/7/365 on-call neurologists for on-demand consultative services, full neurologic video consultation lasting approximately 15 minutes (depending on severity), and an average time to the bedside of 15 minutes or less (for emergent neurologic conditions).


The FDA-cleared KardiaMobile is the most clinically-validated mobile EKG solution on the market. It is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people worldwide for accurate EKG recordings. It Detects Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, or Normal heart rhythm. Store your EKGs on your phone, and email your EKG to your doctor with the press of a button.


Get personalized, high-quality healthcare by talking to top U.S. medical doctors all from the ease of your doctors give healthcare providers. The Company offers diagnosis, treatment, and prescribed medication services via phone. Get quality care right from your smartphone. It’s quick and easy to sign up and start talking to a doctor to get diagnosed right now. We can send your prescription directly to your local pharmacy.

RXNT Electronic Medical Records Software

The software provides innovative features at an affordable price and the best in patient care while operating efficiently and cost-effectively. At RXNT, we believe all physicians deserve access to the tools they need to focus on patients without administrative tasks getting in the way. Implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can help practices of all sizes and specialties streamline record management processes and communicate with patients and other professionals more easily.