ContinuousCare - Telemedicine Solution

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A telehealth solution to improve patient outcomes and drive your medical practice revenues

Chronic Care Management Telemedicine

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Plan Your Schedule:

Set suitable appointment slots for video consultations to balance your clinic schedule with telehealth sessions.

Define Time Slots:

Choose how long you would like your telemedicine sessions to go on. Define a suitable time slot to assess your patients better.

Manage Your Time:

Confirm, cancel, or re-schedule telemedicine appointments to suit your availability so that your time is managed effectively.

Reduce No-Shows:

Limit no-shows with telemedicine appointments confirmations and reminders about upcoming telemedicine sessions.

Define Pricing:

You have the flexibility to price and charge patients (or keep it free) for telemedicine session as you see fit.

Online Payments:

Upfront payments for your telehealth sessions before the session is due to start, to confirm participation.

Online Billing:

Generate bills for video consultations on your virtual practice to keep track of revenue generated for telemedicine services.

ContinuousCare - Telemedicine Solution