MCT Telemedicine Cart by Medpod

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MCT Telemedicine Cart by Medpod

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The Medpod MCT Telemedicine Cart is advanced healthcare technology packed into an extremely powerful, versatile, and productive mobile form. Ideal for use in any practice - from physician offices to urgent care centers to hospitals - it is designed to move freely and easily to wherever quality healthcare is demanded. Powered by the Medpod AMP software, it removes the need for physicians to be in the office to see and care for patients.

The Medpod MCT Telemedicine Cart can be called upon anytime to speed and support daily in-office logistics, or it can be easily moved and leveraged to varying degrees of patient engagement depending on the practitioner and patient need - whether to optimize productivity during high-volume periods or to reach low-density populations to deliver world-class care to rural, remote or underserved areas.

MCT Telemedicine Cart by Medpod