digiMed® - Five Plus Telemedicine Kit

Secure video conferencing & access to real-time clinical data significantly enhances the level of care being provided to remote patients

Telemedicine Connected Care

Do you know anyone using digiMed® - Five Plus Telemedicine Kit?

At home, on the yacht, or in the air, digiMed® Five Plus Telemedicine Kit is ideal. Five Plus combines the benefits of digiChat®, five diagnostic tools specifically selected by medical professionals, and the digiMed® Consult dashboard for live streaming of encrypted device data - all integrated into one full-featured kit.

Small, lightweight, reliable, provider, and platform agnostic and Mike Simple® to use, the Five Plus is one kit without which you never want to leave home or port.


  • Significantly enhances the level of care provided and reduces the stress level of both the patient and the on-scene care provider.

  • Portable, providing wireless mobility throughout the vessel, aircraft, vacation villa, or even on the beach, allowing you to bring the clinic to the patient.

  • Allows you to connect a variety of other peripherals and transmit video images and other data securely.

digiMed® - Five Plus Telemedicine Kit