GD e-Bridge Public Safety

GD (General Devices)

GD e-Bridge Public Safety

Share multimedia information through a secure channel on your smartphone, tablet, or PC

Telemedicine Decision Support 

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The Future of Public Safety communications is in Your Hands:

Never before has it been so easy to share critical communications between responders. GD e-Bridge™ allows public safety responders to be connected on a single solution for disaster coordination, scene documentation & mobile Telemedicine through secure communications.

With GD e-Bridge™ share encrypted and secure multi-media data with confidence and ease using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Plus, record and log data for quality assessment, training, and legal documentation.

GD e-Bridge™ provides fast, simple, and reliable communication for police, fire, EMS, emergency management, SAR, hospitals, comm. centers and responders anywhere.

GD e-Bridge Public Safety