Teso: Ambulance-Based -Telemedicine System

TeSo Telemedicine

Teso: Ambulance-Based -Telemedicine System

Connecting the ambulance from the point of care with the hospital


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In this “call to action” project, a voice-communication system, a tablet with a high-high definition digital camera, and an audio system are installed in the Ambulances. Features are:

  • Mobile-enabled, cloud-based, GDPR compliant
  • Real-time transmission of live capturing images from inside the Ambulance
  • Real-time transmission of vital data such as ECG, pulse, saturation, capnogram

Main Objectives:

  • Directly give Medical Advice from the Doctor inside the Hospital to the EMS Technician

  • Remote Triage

  • Earlier diagnosis and treatment promoting better outcome from the patient

  • Better preparation of your medical staff to which the patient is transported

  • Supervise the critically ill during transportation

Teso: Ambulance-Based -Telemedicine System