swyMed™ - Specialty Telemedicine /Telehealth Solutions

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swyMed™ - Specialty Telemedicine /Telehealth Solutions

The platform has been used in thousands of remote consultations and designated as “best practice” by SAMHSA auditors


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swyMed Helps Doctors Reach More Patients, More Productively at Lower Cost:

The shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas, makes getting the right specialist to the right place at the right time a challenge. Also, the pressure to contain costs and meet Government targets for readmissions and reimbursements forces organizations to find creative ways to stretch their staff.

swyMe provides a platform that allows staff to securely reach outlying areas in a click, enhance productivity, reduce cost, and enable specialists to focus on practicing medicine and not traveling from clinic to clinic.

swyMe uses the most advanced encryption technology to ensure your conversation is private and stays that way. Our suite of collaboration tools allows you to train, present, work together on a document or image, brainstorm, vote, test, share files, or text chat.

swyMed™ - Specialty Telemedicine /Telehealth Solutions