GD CAREpoint™ Workstation

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GD CAREpoint™ Workstation

Connect faster your ED-EMS through our all-in-one workstation

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What started as a radio recorder and interface for EMS and ED’s is now the industry’s most comprehensive hospital and pre-hospital communication, notification and documentation solution. The GD CAREpoint Workstation is used today in more hospitals around the country than any other pre-hospital mobile telemedicine, communication, or notification system.

GD’s CAREpoint is an all-in-one workstation with a wide-ranging array of features, including but not limited to:

  • Interactive mobile telemedicine
  • Call management and recording
  • Data sharing
  • Patient vitals reporting
  • Medical team notification and tracking
  • Time-stamping

With the GD CAREpoint, your medical team can easily and automatically time-stamp and record incoming EMS radio, phone calls, messages, and information into a single workstation or portal that can be accessed onsite and remotely. This powerful tool enables you to improve team communication, workflow, and patient care dramatically.

GD CAREpoint™ Workstation