InTouch Technologies, Inc.

InTouch Xpress and Xpress Cart

A portable device bringing care to more locations


Do you know anyone using InTouch Xpress and Xpress Cart?

This lightweight, portable and durable device can be used in a variety of configurations, including mounted to a fixed location, in an ambulance, on a table, carried to the patient bedside as a hand-held device mounted on the Xpress cart accessory.

Position for Specialist Care, Faster:

EMTs can easily and accurately position the Xpress using the rear viewfinder to give the remote specialist the best view of the patient.

Waste no Time When Minutes Matter the Most:

Consult-ready within one minute from powered off state.

Streamline Diagnostics With Connected Peripherals:

Simultaneously consult and diagnose using peripherals such as Bluetooth stethoscope.

InTouch Xpress with Cart Accessory:

Xpress Cart features an ergonomic, slim-profile cart for use in more patient situations due to its small footprint.

InTouch Xpress and Xpress Cart