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We work with hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks, and providers to create better patient experiences, improve workflow, and reduce costs. We create customizable, AI-enabled technology to drive more meaningful patient-doctor engagements and solve your health system’s complex care issues.

Gyant Front Door:

Care navigation and triage tool - intelligently designed to help patients find appropriate venues for care. This AI-powered solution can be added to any website or patient portal and integrates with medical record systems.

Gyant Clipboard:

Tomorrow’s waiting room - Leveraging industry-standard medical protocols and proprietary natural language processing, this solution captures patient HPI, conducts a ROS, and populates a patient chart to reduce physician burnout.

Gyant Power Provider:

AI-assisted asynchronous treatment - Increase the volume of patients per provider, enhance patient care quality, and reduce administrative burden enabling providers to do more with patients in less time.