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Custom Telemedicine Solution for Healthcare Aggregators

Deploy our reliable digital healthcare architecture to drive higher business value while minimizing the healthcare cost


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Enabling You With a Pre-Built Telemedicine Solution:

We created a solution to enhance healthcare outcomes. With Telemedpulse, you can help connect providers and patients when needed through virtual meetings.

  • Enable patients and physicians a seamless healthcare experience
  • Enable on-demand virtual consultation for patients
  • Streamline healthcare system workflows
  • Improve the flexibility of healthcare delivery
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • HIPAA compliant telehealth platform

EHR Integration:

Easily document healthcare data, record audio or visual notes, and make communication transparent.

File Sharing:

Document and share files in multiple formats such as pdf, jpeg, audio, video.

Video Recording:

Enable video or screen recording feature during real-time communication.

Single User Chat Option:

Provides one to one chat options with logged-in users - patients, physicians, care teams.

Prescription Tracker:

Add, record, manage, and track all prescriptions offered by providers to their patients.

Custom Telemedicine Solution for Healthcare Aggregators