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Patient Assessment Terminal

A wall mount system designed for telemedicine consults

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Unlike other healthcare wall cabinets or computer stations, this unique telemedicine terminal is the first continually connected telemedicine wall station. Having the medical devices remain connected reduces the constant training required to set up due to attrition and facilitates the acceptance of new technology among staff.

Product Features:

  • Two separate monitors and workstations improve the patient assessment experience. One to facilitate the patient assessment and video consult between patient and provider, and the second serves as the clinicians documentation workspace.

  • Medical equipment and telemedicine devices are conveniently located in lower storage space so they can remain connected, easily accessed for patient exams, and then securely stored when not in use.

  • Lower cabinet folds down into a clean working surface to rest connected medical devices during exams.

  • Integrated PC, monitor(s), keyboard/mouse, video camera system, and conference speaker/microphone.

Patient Assessment Terminal