TotalExam 3

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TotalExam 3

HD, modular, and sleek - advances telemedicine imagery to a whole new level

Telemedicine Remote Care Technology

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With its superior HD image quality, intuitive design, and versatility, the TotalExam 3 advances telemedicine imagery to a whole new level. What sets the TotalExam 3 apart is its versatility: interchangeable heads and attachments including manual focus head, otoscope head, tongue depressor attachment, and derm hood.

The Variable Polarizing Hood further expands its range. The modular heads, combined with a broad range of focus, allows the TotalExam 3 to be used in a wide range of applications where clear, precise images are essential.

TotalExam 3 camera advances GlobalMed’s sophisticated imaging technology with a handheld camera that delivers greater utility and efficiency. TotalExam 3 produces an uncompressed HD (16:9 AR) image alleviating any chance of compression artifacts.

TotalExam 3