MDstaffers - Solution for Staffing Shortage


MDstaffers - Solution for Staffing Shortage

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MDstaffers provide permanent and locum tenens (temporary) experienced clinicians for virtually every specialty and need to various hospitals, clinics, and other facilities nationally.

We partner with qualified firms that provide the telemedicine technology for the provider, the patient, and even the facility. Telemedicine is an excellent way to fill staffing shortages and improve access to quickly and quality of care.

Because of our vast experience in telemedicine, we have an extensive network of experienced and interested clinicians. We can supply clinicians for you on a daily, hourly, or per consult basis. We have clinicians who are scheduled full-time and part-time, and who can work as needed.

Many of our telemedicine providers can be very flexible with their scheduling because they work on behalf of multiple non-competing organizations. Telemedicine is another way MDstaffers ensures our clients can provide excellent care wherever and whenever it is needed.

MDstaffers - Solution for Staffing Shortage