Cardiology Stethoscope eKuore Pro

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Cardiology Stethoscope eKuore Pro

Allows you to listen remotely through an APP and use different interchangeable chest pieces to avoid the risk of contagion

Chronic Care Management Telemedicine

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It is very useful for doctors who want to continue monitoring chronic patients remotely to avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Remote Auscultation:

The medical professional can listen to the auscultations even from an isolated room and without the need to wear a special suit to avoid infections.

Replaceable Chest pieces:

The chest piece is the most critical element of a stethoscope. eKuore Pro has interchangeable and sanitizable chest pieces.

Remote Monitoring:

Patients themselves can quickly and easily send the auscultation from their home to healthcare professionals, thus reducing the risk of contagion to a minimum.

Cardiology Stethoscope eKuore Pro