LifeBot® 5


LifeBot® 5

The industry’s most advanced portable mobile “fully-integrated” telemedicine system available today

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With its unique nearly indestructible exoskeleton design, LifeBot® 5 is among the most rugged of all telemedicine systems having been certified and successfully field-tested during hurricane disasters Katrina and Rita.

LifeBot owns the exclusive worldwide rights to crucial new patents and Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services (DREAMS™), the award-winning $36 million research project funded by U.S. Army Center for Medical Research and Materiel Command (UCMC) and the Telemedicine and Technology Research Center (TATRC).

LifeBot® 5 is a true telemedicine/telehealth system which goes far beyond simple video teleconferencing by also (and in a fully integrated fashion) acquiring and transmitting (in real-time) critical patient vital signs data like multi-lead ECG (including 12-lead), SPO2, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, ETCO2 (with capnogram), dual temp, multiple exam cameras, embedded ultrasound (just plug in a handheld probe).

LifeBot® 5