AllegianceMD TeleMedicine


AllegianceMD TeleMedicine

Let's face it - life gets hectic. Appointments are missed, telemedicine software changes all of that

Chronic Care Management Telemedicine

Do you know anyone using AllegianceMD TeleMedicine?

TeleMedicine software allows you to see patients that otherwise couldn’t make an appointment. Rural patients in particular benefit from our cost-effective solution, allowing them to quickly join a video conference in order to be seen. This in turn allows you to increase revenue without increasing overhead.

AllegianceMD strives to give you the most user-friendly service. This means all-inclusive software that allows you to create and view appointments, all through Veracity. Quickly view your patient’s eligibility status, assuring that you’ll be reimbursed for your telemedicine visits.

A New Way to See Patients:

  • Create virtual appointments that allow you to see patients quickly and efficiently.
  • Life made easier for you, and those who are unable to come to your practice.
AllegianceMD TeleMedicine