eDoc® Telemedicine / EHR

ISeeYouCare, Inc.

eDoc® Telemedicine / EHR

A fully-functioning telemedicine suite with a robust healthcare cart and an integrated Electronic Health Record system


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ISeeYouCares EHR goes beyond the norm of EHRs and has interoperability built into it from the beginning. It can interact with any certified EHR platform (such as Epic, Cerner, and AllScripts), and provides bi-directional feeds to them. This capability is provided through our My eMHR Personal Health Record platform, which serves as the core of all of our technologies.

The Telehealth Suite of Products features include a full complement of standard medical device interfaces and supports live streaming video conferencing (telemedicine) as well as store and forward capabilities.

Additionally, the solution provides multiple features like security, scheduling, forms and files data entry, image view/operation/manipulation support, offline data transfer within the deployment or such other deployments outside, and much more. The system includes all the medical equipment required for a general routine medical examination.

eDoc® Telemedicine / EHR