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SAVD Telehealth

Beneficial for patients, hospitals and other healthcare organizations

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The well-established and secure SAVD video conferencing system lends itself to pre- and post-treatment consultations and regular consultations and anamnesis interviews. Patients, as well as hospitals and other healthcare organizations, can benefit from this: the elderly, sick persons, people with physical disabilities, or people who have a disproportionately long travel time to the nearest doctors office highly-frequented and overwhelmed healthcare organizations.

More Time for Patients:

Time pressure, stress, and full waiting rooms can often become a great source of strain for physicians, healthcare workers, and patients. SAVD Telehealth improves the interaction between all participants.

Improving Care:

Thanks to SAVD Telehealth, the re-admittance rate for patients in hospitals decreases considerably, and the continual care for chronically ill patients vastly improves the recovery rate.

Platform Independency:

Our solution is WebRTC based and runs on all devices, including PCs, laptops, mobile devices.

SAVD Telehealth