The lightweight TMP-200 telemedicine cart provides the ease of use and mobility required for patient care in a healthcare facility

Chronic Care Management Telemedicine

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The redesigned TMP-200 offers a slim profile and roll about design that provides the mobility needed to move through hallways and between patient rooms.

The TMP-200 telemedicine cart is designed to integrate with today’s technology to provide providers and patients' best experience. The large work surface provides ample space for a keyboard or needed medical equipment. The large pullout drawer provides quick access to needed supplies.

In addition, the TMP-200 supports a single display up to 37'' or dual displays up to 32''. An optional video camera shelf installs above the display to provide video conferencing capabilities For Cisco Webex solutions, and the AVTEQ DX80 mounting bracket easily installs the Webex DX80 board on the cart.