Philips eICU Telemedicine Program


Philips eICU Telemedicine Program

Harnessing the power of the industry’s largest national tele-ICU program

Telemedicine Predictive Analytics Virtual Care

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Clinical Transformation With Philips eICU:

The Philips eICU program is a transformational critical care tele-ICU program that combines A/V technology, predictive analytics, data visualization, and advanced reporting capabilities, delivered by Philips experts with more than 15 years of proven success. Over the past decade and a half, more than 4.25 million1 patient stays have been monitored by Philips eICU program.

Philips eICU is a scalable, centralized solution that extends critical care resources to the bedside via technology, independent of the health facilitys location. This centralized (hub and spoke) model puts an intensivist-led team in a central monitoring facility where they can be responsible for 50500 remote ICU beds. It is not a replacement for the bedside team, but rather a support system to continuously advance the established plan of care.

Philips eICU Telemedicine Program