KRY International AB


Be among the first to experience digital and physical care that is tailored to you


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How to use KRY:

Seek Care in the App:

Download KRY, log in with BankID, and state what you are seeking care for.

Get the Right Help Right Away:

You get treatment in the app or at one of our health centers. If you need a referral or take samples, we will help you with that.

We Keep Track:

After your visit, we will hear from you and ask how you are feeling. If you need a return visit, you will meet the same person as before.

We Help you, With you:

The need for care can arise when you least expect it. That is why we are always at hand, ready to help.

Care in Your Mother Tongue:

We have staff with many years of experience in primary care. Together we speak over 25 languages, such as Arabic, Spanish, Persian, and Russian.