PCP-1 Mic Port Telemedicine Stethoscope

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PCP-1 Mic Port Telemedicine Stethoscope

Telemedicine Stethoscope that can be used without software as a standalone external microphone

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The PCP-1 Telemedicine Stethoscope can be selected in desktop video conference platforms as the primary microphone when conducting auscultation. Any PC, MAC, or device with a microphone jack will recognize the stethoscope microphone. Sound quality is excellent, but use without stethoscope software requires switching back and forth between the stethoscope and main video conference microphone.

Additionally, frequency filtering and local monitoring features are not available without software. Also, the PCP-1 has an internal amplifier but relies on the audio circuitry of the PC for audio processing and handling. On some PCs with marginal audio circuitry, newer stethoscopes like the PCP-USB can sound better.

With the PCP-1 stethoscope and sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere Software, clinicians can perform auscultations on patients from a distance using a PC, laptop, or device running full versions of Windows® OS.

PCP-1 Mic Port Telemedicine Stethoscope