Hospital Telemedicine Camera Cart

AFC Industries, Inc.

Hospital Telemedicine Camera Cart

Mobile, compact and loaded with a host of features, this AFC telemedicine equipment aids medical doctors with access to data

Chronic Care Management Telemedicine

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This high-quality wireless telemedicine camera cart is the perfect medical companion. It has a camera holder, UPS compartment, wireless transmitter, built-in intercom, and grommet holes. It has enabled the user to observe patients remotely through a surveillance monitor. The power back-up is provided with an enclosed UPS unit. Includes a wireless AP transmitter and built-in intercom for wireless communication.

Best Comfortable Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort to reduces stress and maintain posture during work.

Maintains Good Health: Eliminates repetitive strain injuries(RSIs), muscle pains, body discomforts, eye strain, and fatigue. Enhances productivity and healthy blood circulation.

Easy-to-Use: Easy to operate without the need for hours of user training. Very easy to configure to accommodate individual user preferences.

Hospital Telemedicine Camera Cart