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Medpod AMP™

A software platform that transforms care delivery

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Medpod is the only browser-based total healthcare ecosystem built entirely from the ground up. Our proprietary software platform leverages the latest advancements in live, cloud-based, two-way televideo communications, and integrates live-streaming of HD audio/video, automated data throughput, professional-grade medical devices, health information exchange to EHR, third-party applications and a highly flexible user interface into one game-changing, easy-to-use, care delivery and patient management ecosystem.

Medpod AMP enables intelligent call routing and network management for more efficient and effective on-demand care. The AMP network architecture allows for bandwidth optimization and can be used on both broadband and mobile networks, allowing for a high degree of portability and flexibility.

Medpod integrates the most innovative medical apps seamlessly into one comprehensive and customizable practice workflow solution, with a single sign on (SSO) functionality available.

Medpod AMP™