Aligned Telehealth- Turnkey Telemedicine Solutions

Aligned Telehealth, Inc.

Aligned Telehealth- Turnkey Telemedicine Solutions

A complete solution to implement telemedicine initiative with little or no capital investment


Do you know anyone using Aligned Telehealth- Turnkey Telemedicine Solutions?

Connected TH, along with its partners, provides clinical and technology services to its client, enabling them to implement and operate a telemedicine discipline. We will work with the health center in credentialing the physicians and a schedule based on center clinical needs.

Connected TH has partnered with multiple system providers to design and integrate a perfect Point of Care units to fit your needs. Our framework unit comprises of a cart unit and portable unit deployed at the Point of Care. For providers, we provide dedicated consoles, laptops, iPad, and tablet-based solutions.

After performing a site assessment and taking all of our client needs into consideration, we integrate the best of the breed devices to provide POC units that combine best-in-class video, audio, and presentation capabilities in a brilliantly optimized, integrated solution.

Aligned Telehealth- Turnkey Telemedicine Solutions