DHTN TeleNeurology TeleStroke program

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DHTN TeleNeurology TeleStroke program

24/7/365 on-call neurologists for on-demand consultative services

Telemedicine Remote Patient Monitoring Virtual Care

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The time required to transport a patient to a major stroke center could be used to save brain function. By accessing a board-certified stroke neurologist via remote camera and a wireless internet connection, rural and suburban physicians can begin treatment protocols in their Emergency Departments.

Early Intervention Results in:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • The shorter length of stay
  • Reduced rehabilitation needs
  • Fewer lifelong disabilities

This Program Includes:

  • 24/7/365 on-call neurologists for on-demand consultative services.

  • Full neurologic video consultation lasting approximately 15 minutes (depending on severity).

  • Average time to the bedside of 15 minutes or less (for emergent neurologic conditions).

Current Volumes:

Last 12 months, ending January 2020

8,768 acute stroke consults

3,686 neurology consults

Total = 12,544

DHTN TeleNeurology TeleStroke program