Medigy: Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) enables patients to manage their health and actively participate in their healthcare. It uses digital technology to collect patient health data and securely shared with healthcare providers. A remote patient care technology helps patients in managing their chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiac conditions, asthma, etc. remotely. RPM telehealth plays an essential role in reducing healthcare costs and preventing hospital readmissions. Remote patient monitoring allows patients to produce their health data (health history, symptoms, lifestyle) called patient-generated health data (PGHD). PGHD is generated by patients or their family members and caregivers and is essential for personalizing the virtual management of the patients.

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MedM-Remote Patient Monitoring
Memora Health Solutions
UMMC Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring
KardiaMobile 6L
Bio Patch MC100
OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter
Radius T™
TIR-1™: Infrared Thermometer
Biolinq Glucose Monitoring System
Biosensor BX100
BodyGuardian® Heart
C3+ Holter Monitor
Cardiac Rhythm Solutions for Physicians
ReDS™  for Home
Home Health and Remote Monitoring
Total ECG
Hello Heart for Remote Visits of Cardiovascular Risks
Guardian Angel® GA1000 Vitals Monitor & Alarm System
Lumeon's Post-Acute Care Solution
Lumeon: COVID-19 Remote Home Monitoring
NeuroFlow for Behavioral Health
Orbita's Voice-Based Assistants
OrbitaASSIST- Virtual Bedside Assistant
Philips Wearable Biosensor Wireless Remote Sensing Device
Multi-Parameter Command Module

Multi-Parameter Command Module

The Command Module is the core of the Spacelabs patient monitoring system, providing the processing power for all basic physiologic parameters. You can select from a variety of configurations to suit …

CardioExpress SL12A Resting ECG Monitoring Device
CardioExpress SL18A Resting ECG Monitoring Device
CardioExpress SL6A Resting ECG Monitoring Device
Evo Holter Recorder

Evo Holter Recorder

As a robust, self-contained recorder, Evo is designed to capture up to 48 hours of high-quality three-channel ECG data, quickly download the raw data recording, recharge and be available for the next …

Lifecard CF Holter Monitoring Device
OnTrak Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Device
Pathfinder SL Holter Monitoring Device
Rinicare's PRIME Solution for RPM
AirView™ Patient Management System
Electronic Caregiver's Premier

Electronic Caregiver's Premier

Electronic Caregiver provides 24/7 monitoring through the most advanced and expert staffed, dual location monitoring facility in North America. Our service expedites response to emergencies, provides …

Electronic Caregiver's Pro Health
InfoBionic’s MoMe® Kardia Cardiac Monitor
Mitra® Cartridge Remote Blood Collection Device
Mitra® Clamshell Blood Collection Device
Mitra®Blood Collection Kits

Mitra®Blood Collection Kits

Blood collection kits are a novel, economic, and convenient all-in-one solution that includes all the essentials for biological specimen collection, transport, and storage. Collect samples anywhere, …

Nihon Kohden's ViTrac® Remote Viewing
Sentinel 11 Cardiology Information Management System