Mitra® Clamshell Blood Collection Device

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Mitra® Clamshell Blood Collection Device

Explore microsampling for your application with the Mitra Clamshell

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The Mitra® Clamshell is an economical way to get started with microsampling to validate VAMS™ technology from all perspectives - bioanalytical, operational, and end-user.

Common Clamshell Uses:

Research Studies:

The Clamshell format facilitates simple remote blood sampling. This means easier participant recruitment and lower logistical costs.

Preclinical Drug Testing:

Get accurate, reliable profiles with less blood from fewer rodents. Sample the same animal at multiple time points for improved data quality.

Pilot Programs:

Want to test the market before commercializing a full menu of clinical or wellness tests? The Clamshell format provides an economical way to do it.

Population Health:

When grants and budgets are limited, the Clamshell format provides an inexpensive way to collect samples from large global groups.

Mitra® Clamshell Blood Collection Device