Connect America®'s Remote Patient Monitoring

ConnectAmerica, LLC

Connect America®'s Remote Patient Monitoring

Our highly customizable RPM system makes it easy to track your patients and deliver interventions quickly & effectively

Remote Patient Monitoring Patient Portals

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How It Works?

  • Identify the patient’s unique monitoring needs and provide our relevant monitoring devices and HUB console (tablet or medical alert system).

  • Patients use the equipment at home, and biometric updates are delivered through our online portal or your electronic medical record (EMR).

  • Identify patients in need of intervention and contact them directly, reducing the rate of readmissions.

Why Choose ConnectVitals?

It is Customizable to Your Needs:

You determine each individual patient’s needs and customize the template to reflect your unique protocols, control tolerances, thresholds, and alerts.

It Will Deliver Better Outcomes and Lower Costs:

Easily identify at-risk patients and intervene before escalation or readmission. Stay in touch with patients at home with a range of communication options, including interactive voice response phone calls, mobile apps, tablets, PERS, or your device.

Connect America®'s Remote Patient Monitoring