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GoTelecare's Remote Patient Monitoring

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Excel in delivering high-quality care for more patients with a low risk of burnout, GoTelecare’s Remote Patient Monitoring services excel in providing accurate records and reports of a wide range of patient vitals.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Works?

Improving the quality of care and providing better access to healthcare, for gotelecare’s Remote Patient Monitoring physician, firstly sets up an upper and lower limit for all vital metrics including blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature, oxygen saturation, and pulse.

While patients have been continuously monitored, any breach of these limits by the system is instantly alerted. Every time a vital sign crosses a threshold value (upper or lower limit), an instant alert is triggered in the central system, and it sends out an SMS to the physician, informing him/her that the threshold value has been breached.

GoTelecare's Remote Patient Monitoring