Do you know anyone using Radius T™?

Radius T is a wearable, wireless sensor that continuously measures a patients body temperature. Featuring trending temperature and Bluetooth® connectivity that sends data to remote devices, Radius T automates remote continuous assessment of temperature status allowing care providers to track patient progress and prioritize safety even from afar.

Radius T May Help:

Streamline Workflows:

Wearability and connectivity capabilities minimize the need for intermittent checks or temperature probes.

Inform Care Decisions:

Trended data may provide additional insight into the patient status, supporting care decisions, and helping clinicians prioritize patient safety.

Support Infection Control Efforts:

The ability to monitor from a distance helps clinicians remotely manage patients with a fever or those at high risk of developing a fever.

Improve Patient Compliance:

The comfortable, wearable, and water-resistant sensor keep patients continuously monitored without the need for routine patient action.

Radius T™