Do you know anyone using CARDIOSTAT®?

A Smarter Ambulatory ECG Monitor:

  • Longer recording with exceptional patient compliance.

  • CardioSTAT is a compact, light, and comfortable ECG recorder designed for long-term continuous ECG and high-quality recording.

  • With its exceptional comfort, it ensures optimal patient compliance for the prescribed duration. CardioSTAT provides clinicians with the ideal tool for accurate cardiac rhythm diagnosis.

ECG Reports Available Sooner:

  • The single-use concept of CardioSTAT allows for the recording to begin as soon as possible; no need to wait for a recorder to be available.

  • Once the recording period is completed, the patient simply returns the recorder using a pre-stamped envelope.

  • Data is analyzed at our service center by a highly qualified certified technologist, and a report is sent electronically to the physician who will perform the interpretation.