Pulse Wave Health Monitor

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Pulse Wave Health Monitor

Cloud Diagnostics server-based computing power guarantees outstanding precision and clinical accuracy

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Our Own Sensor:

Cloud DX offers a 21st-century alternative to the old-fashioned upper-arm blood pressure cuff. Pulsewave is a unique health monitor that turns your computer or Android tablet into an amazing window into your heart. Strap the soft, comfortable cuff around your left wrist and click the on-screen button - the cuff inflates. During the short, 60-second reading, you will see your heartbeat on the screen.

Wrist Cuff Comfort - Clinical Grade Data:

Pulsewave is a unique pulse acquisition device that records up to 4,000 data points from your radial artery pulse. Securely transmits the raw pulse signal to our Cloud Diagnostics servers, displaying nearly instant results: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Pulse Variability, Average Breathing Rate, and our proprietary Total Anomaly Score. Doctors appreciate that the accuracy of our blood pressure measurement has been validated compared to an intra-arterial catheter.

Pulse Wave Health Monitor