VivaLNK's Heart Failure Event Monitoring

VivaLnk, Inc.

VivaLNK's Heart Failure Event Monitoring

Reducing hospital readmission through early event detection

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Myia is the intelligent health monitoring platform powering new standards of patient care. Myia’s platform ingests a wide range of real-world data from curated sensors and sources, transforming it through applied machine intelligence into actionable and objective clinical insights.


According to the American College of Cardiology, more than 20% of heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days and up to 50% by six months.


A home-based solution that captures physiological and behavioral markers, leveraging machine learning to surface actionable clinical insights.


  • Reduce hospital readmissions through remote health monitoring.

  • Identification of high risk signals up to 20 hours before hospitalization.

Sensor Data Analyzed:

  • ECG Rhythm
  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
VivaLNK's Heart Failure Event Monitoring