Ranial Systems- Remote Patient Monitoring

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Ranial Systems- Remote Patient Monitoring

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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Today, we have tools that focus on capital and tool efficacy, ensuring that data collected at remote locations can be used as a reliable diagnostic and healthcare service factor. With devices and appliances that can communicate with each other, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) becomes, in many cases, preferable for patient care.

The Ranial’s IntelliEMS solution utilizes M2M technology to ensure all security, communication, and operational barriers are removed, and all healthcare solutions can run remotely as well as onsite function like a well-oiled network.

Without adding mass to existing applications; Ranial solutions efficiently ensure that all platforms involved in this exercise- technology, the machines, and the end-user (patient/ doctor/ healthcare giver) points stay in sync, and the data thus gathered can be integrated and analyzed to create the most efficient healthcare insights for both consumer as well as enterprise usage.

Ranial Systems- Remote Patient Monitoring